Urban Millworks specializes in sourcing naturally felled logs from across the Pacific Northwest. Trees that are considered 'standing dead', old, or those that have succumbed to the storms that sweep across the coastal range into the Cascades are what we seek out and purchase for our projects. Black Walnut - a non-native species - is one of our most favorite flavors of wood to work with. Unfortunately, these trees have been under siege for years by the so-called thousand cankers disease. Its hardness and richness of its dark color makes it an excellent and popular choice for large single slab dining and coffee tables.


Layout & Design

Following the process of slabbing and kiln drying the material, a project can begin to take shape by sizing, shaping, and addressing any natural imperfections in the wood. Bowties (or butterflies) can help to add strength as well as an element of design. 



There are many steps - and countless sawdust piles - involved in making your piece of furniture come to life. We're always happy to discuss custom projects no matter the size or scope.