All Urban Millworks furniture is handmade, one piece at a time, using only logs and solid slabs of wood with beautifully imperfect cracks, checks, twists, shapes and color variation just like the trees they once were. Our furniture is not for everyone, but it’s why we love what we do. It’s also why we want you to know the following:

Movement: Just like us, wood breathes and will adjust to the moisture content of your home. You may notice a slab move or even develop small cracks. Our wood slabs are kiln dried twice to minimize wood movement.  

Humidity: Solid wood will react to the humidity level in your home or office. A relative humidity range of 45 – 55% is ideal; avoid sudden changes in room temperature, proximity to heat sources and exposure to direct sunlight in order to help prevent discoloration, drying, and cracking.

Care: In addition to following the above recommendations, the best care is consistent dusting; wipe spills with a damp – not wet – soft cloth and thoroughly dry.

Checks, Cracks, and More: Cracks are not considered a defect.  If you requested epoxy in the cracks, the epoxy may also crack. This is also not considered a defect.  Our workshop will fill cracks and knots with an epoxy filler unless you request otherwise. Small cracks can be easily filled by using wood putty and a plastic putty knife. With proper care, your UM furniture will be around for many generations to enjoy.

Returns: All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and shipping / insurance is at the client’s expense.